When are Intermodal Containers Necessary?

27 February 2017
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Intermodal transportation plays an integral role in the development of economies by facilitating the timely and safe movement of different types of goods. One of the pillars that mark this form of shipping is intermodal containers, which hold transit goods across water and dry land. These universally accepted shipment boxes are suitable for ferrying goods across the seas and various land means such as road and rail.

But are these containers suitable for everyone? If not, when are they the best form packaging shipment across land and water? The answers to these questions are the aim of the remaining paragraphs of this post. These answers will enable you to know how ideal these containers are and they will also allow you to make a decision that is based on proper evaluation.

The kind of goods you are transporting

The nature of the goods you need to move from one location to another will also determine whether these containers are suitable for your needs or no. Intermodal containers are ideal for moving finished products that do not exceed 25 tons.

The origin and destination of the cargo you are shipping

Another determining factor that will make these containers useful to you or not is where you are shipping your goods from and where you want them to go. The reason here is that the distance you need to cover is instrumental determining appropriateness because if you are moving goods for more than 300 miles, you need intermodal containers to package them.

The value of goods in transport

Aside quantity, the quality of your goods in terms of value will also determine the whether these containers are suitable for you or not. If you are transporting low value goods such as grains, you will need to use another type of container. On the other hand, if you are moving cargo with high value, you will need to look for a different form of packaging suitable for such shipment. These two extremes leave these containers as a suitable packaging solution for goods that have value that is neither too low or too high—intermediate.

Consistency and frequency of shipping

Another factor that will make these containers ideal for your cargo transportation is how frequently you ship your goods. If you are dealing in goods that need to be shipped on a regular basis and in the same quantities, then intermodal containers come in handy as an appropriate solution.

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